The devotion to create a brand

Phu Hai Minh Trading and Investment Company Limited (hereafter reffered to Phu Hai Minh Co. Ltd.) and Aimex Two Member Company Limited (Hereafter reffered to Aimex Co., LTD) are Vietnamese – based companies, specializes in timbers and agro products respectively.

Purchasing and importing natural timber such as Taraba, Doussie, Padouk, Tali, Sandalwood, Oak, Pine wood, and so on from Africa and America are our business cores.

Besides, we are exporting Vietnamese agricultural specialties to the international markets. We have great ambitions to bring Viet agro products to foreign customers. We also believed that we will be a strong and stable bridge to connect Viet products to customers around the world.

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Why Choose Phu Hai Minh?


Diversities Of Products

Products and services provided by Phu Hai Minh are diverse from sorts to models; ensuring the products are matched to the customers’ requirements and usages.


Controlled And Maintained Quality Of Products

Phu Hai Minh always concerns the customer’s satisfaction by supplying high quality products and services to them; we hope to support our customers to reduce risks of manufacturing and business. Saving time and money for our customers are the targets that Phu Hai Minh would like to implement for its customers.

Well Origin-Traced Products

Each product and service that Phu Hai Minh provides to its customers must be checked and controlled the quality by the experienced purchasing team before handing it to the customers to make sure that the customers have no worry about the products and services, while they are running their business.


Supplying Right Commodities In A Timely Manner To The Customers

“Time is Gold” so supplying right commodities in a timely manner is the most important commitment of Phu Hai Minh, which makes the customers trust and implement trading with us.


Customer Care

Phu Hai Minh always listens to and hopes to receive feedback of product quality and sales services from its customers in order to make the customer service more effective and better in all stages of business.


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