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Mid-Autumn Festival 2021: Alone but not Lonely


Cozy and Unified Mid-Autumn Festival

Tomorrow is the official day of Mid-Autumn festival in Vietnam. Even though this year is not like last year, we are still holding the festival in a small room such as a house, or in an apartment. Anywhere, we can enjoy our tradition festival.

We are also celebrating Mid-Autumn festival while doing 5K rules. The rules in Vietnamese are:

  • Khau trang (mask on)
  • Khoang cach (be in distance)
  • Khu khuan (sterilizing hands, body, and living place)
  • Khai bao y te (Medical declaration)
  • Khong tu tap (No gathering).

These rules help us to ensure that we are not infected each other by virus.

However, not because of the pandemic, the Mid-autumn festival looses its meaning. We are still celebrating it. And we are enjoying every moment, that we are still living and working together. We dedicate to every people around us, who are helping us to surpass this pandemic and start a new normality after Covid-19.

Also, many activities are happening to make this occasion more meaningful and enjoyed. People are presenting moon cakes and lanterns for poor children and orphanages, who lost their parents and relatives to Covid-19. A small gift with a great love bring warmness to unlucky people with the hopes that they are luckier and soon starting a new normality in the coming future.

Autumn is also a season for many types of agro products such as dry longan, persimmon and cinnamon, which are ready for loading and exporting to the international market. Phu Hai Minh Co., LTD and Aimex Co., LTD is a Vietnamese based company, we are one of the big supplier for these products with the best offer. Contact us for more detail of your interested products. We wish you healthiness, success, and thriving in the pandemic. Together we will win!


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