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Premium quality Vietnamese seedless lime in bulk cargo ready for export

Seedless lime has round shape, yellow – green skin, watery and rich of vitamin C. It also contains a lot of anti-oxidant and other nutrients. Seedless lime is a tropical tree. It is suitable for growing and developing in humid and hot weather like in the South of Vietnam. Because it is easy to grow many growers have chosen this tree as the main crop to increase their income for their home.


Nutritious Factors:

Even though the seedless lime is small (about 67 grams), it is containing high amount of nutrients such as vitamin C (22%), 7 grams of carbonhydrate, 0.5 gram of protein, 0.1 gram of lipid, 1.9 grams of fiber and other vitamin such as vitamin B6, iron, calcium, thiamine and potassium.

Advantages of Limes:

Seedless lime has many benefits to human health such as fortifying antibotic system in the body, supporting to absort iron in blood, detoxing and revitalizing skin for a healthy and moisture skin.

Moreover, seedless lime is also a great source of antioxidant; so it’s good for controlling free radicals in the blood, which helps to prevent for heart disease, diabetics and development of cancer cells.

Aimex Seedless Lime:

We are following strict procedure to make sure that our seedless lime is free of pesticide, chemical fertilizer and plant protection. The lime is uniform and shiny green skin. The size is varying from 3 to 6 cm or about 13 – 18 pieces per kilogram. Each fruit is watery and having nice aroma.

Seedless limes, after harvested, are quickly move to the factory for cleaning and packing; then, they are stored in cold warehouse at 5 degree Celsius. Therefore, the quality and freshness are lasting longer.

We are usually packing seedless limes in 5, 7, 10 kg net carton box or per customer’s requirements. Loading 1600 – 1700 cartons per container 20 feets or 3400 cartons per container 40 feets.


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