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Rattan cane webbing – a new style for eco-friendly home decor

Rattan cane webbing is a popular material for home decor handicraft because it is durable, natural and eco-friendly. Not only Vietnamese people but also people around the world love to have a furniture that is made from rattan. a set of rattan sofa and a coffee table will be a great spotlight for the house.

Raw cane rattan material

People grow rattan in many parts in Vietnam. Even though rattan is a simple material, go to the artisan’s hands, it becomes a skillfully artistic product, which brings a cozy and close to nature feeling. Raw rattan material after harvested, people weave it into many different styles depending on the design. One of the most favorite weaving style called “rattan cane webbing” or “rattan mesh lattice”.

Rattan can webbing

Rattan cane webbing is the best choice for customers, who tend to decorate their houses in a rustic, natural, and environmentally friendly style.

The rattan cane webbing is a handcrafted product. The artisans select the straight and soft rattan cane to weave into the webbing. While weaving, the artisans have to calibrate the net meticulously to make each pattern uniform in the net. Therefore, it takes more than 10 days for one artisan to knit a long rattan webbing sheet with the dimension: 45 centimeters wide and 15 meters long. The final product is beautiful and durable to the time. Moreover, this product is easy to clean and maintenance.

Rattan knitting styles

There are many different weaving styles such as mesh rattan lattice, close knit, double knit, loose checked knit, and pattern knit.

Application of rattan can webbing:

 The rattan can webbing is usually used to make the cabinets, tables, chairs, curtain walls and so on.

Our company, AIMEX CO. LTD has successfully exported this rattan product to many markets such as the US, Bulgaria, Australia, UK, etc.

With many years of experience in exporting rattan products, we always insist to bring good quality and support services to customers.

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