Bamboo drinking straws eco – friendly and safe for children

  • Shipping term: FOB, CNF (incoterm 2010)
  • Payment term: T/T, L/C
  • Sample: available with freight collect
  • Port of loading: Haiphong port
  • MOQ: a 20-foot container


Bamboo drinking straws are eco-friendly and biodegradable beside many other disposal materials such paper, rice powder straws. To many environment lovers, bamboo straws are a meaningful products to replace the single-use plastic straws. Also these natural straws are reduce the solid waste dump into the soil and the ocean every day.

Bamboo drinking straws can be reuse many times as you want. It’s easy to clean in and out of the straw. Also, the straws are heat treated and go through the sterilizing process. Therefore, it is safe for using by both adults and children.

Bamboo Straw Manufacturing Process: 

Let’s go through the link for the whole process of making bamboo straws.

Straws’ Specification:

  • Length: 20 cm
  • Inner diameter: 5 – 13 mm
  • Wall thickness: 1 – 2 mm
  • Dryness: 13 – 15%
  • Treatment: fumigated


2000 – 2800 pieces per carton




Aimex Co., LTD is cooperating with a manufacturing factory, locates closed to the main source of bamboo raw material and near to Haiphong Port. So, we can make bamboo straws in large quality with cheaper operation cost. Every week, we can make a million of bamboo straws for bulk sales. Contact us for more detail and get the earliest quotation for this product.




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