Barramundi (seabass) dry fish scales

  • Packing Types: 20-kg PP/PE bag with HDPE inner lining
  • Expired Date: 24 months since the manufacture date
  • Payment terms: T/T, D/P, L/C Irrevocable
  • Shipping terms: Ex-work, FOB, CIF or by negotiated
  • Storage: store in dry and well ventilated place with cover
  • Certificate: Standard
  • MOQ: 1 – 2 FCL 20 feet
  • Stock Available: 300 MTs/month


General Information of Barramundi Dry Fish Scales:

The dry scales of barramundi fish is well known for their high level of mineral for extracting collagen. Scales are the outmost layer of the barramundi fish attached to fish skin. They cover 1/3 of the weight of the fish.

Fish scales contain a lot of unsaturated fatty acid, which helps to emulsify cholesterol and fat in blood, reduce rate of atherosclerosis, slow down blood pressure, and other heart diseases. Moreover, fish scales help to excrete insulin to reduce rate of hypoglycemia. Moreover, barramundi fish scales contain lots of calcium, phosphorus, zinc, iron and other micronutrients for bone development in children and old people.

Fish scales after collected, are cleaned to remove the stink smell and viscous agent. After that, fish scales are dried directly under sun light or by a centrifugal dryer.

Because fish scales contain protamine, fish scales are used to extract collagen, or to manufacture gelatin, or to use in garment and textile industry. Collagen extracted from fish is easier to absorb than other types. It is good for skin care.

Specification of Barramundi Dry Fish Scales:





Color Pale white



Stink smell


Scale size

1.0-1.3 cm



< 13.5%

04 Impurities

3% max


  • Packing in 20 – 25 kgs net bag
  • Loading: 13 MTs/20DC

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