Cashew Husk

  • Storages: store in a dry and cool place, avoid high heat.
  • Selflife: 24 months since the manufactured date.
  • Shipping time and payment: from 10 – 15 working days since the signing date
  • Payment: as negotiated by both parties
  • Shipping terms: ex-work, FOB, CIF, CNF


Cashew husk has many applications in many industries such as:

  • Fertilizers: cashew husk and cashew waste are used for making compost, providing a large amount of humus for soil. The husk contains a lot of nutrients, decays fast to supply essential nutrients to the plants.
  • Animal feeds: because the cashew husk has many nutrients and minerals, it’s a great option for animal feeds for barns and stables. However, this materials are not popular in Vietnam.
  • Color powder industry: strong oxidant and affordable price
  • Cheap fuel: abundant source of fuels with cheap price.
  • Scaling dental plague: because it has strong antiseptic, easy to make the dental plague broken and peeled off.



Standards Results
1 Appearance

Flakes/ powder


Size 3 – 4 mm
3 Moisture

12% max



2% max


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