Banana size (banana diameter): from 3.8 – 4.8 cm
Each bunch is wrapped in a perforated, vacuum-sealed glass bag
Weight of each bunch/branch from 1.3 kg or more
There are 6,8 or 9 bunches for a box of 13kg
Quantity: 1,280 carton boxes*13kg / container 40HC
MOQ: 1 containers 40HC/order


Cavendish bananas of farms affiliated with Phu Hai Minh company are grown according to national standards, have Certificate of Phytosanitary, Certificate of Origin … meet European and Korean export standards , China, Southeast Asian countries and the Middle East…

Green – clean products, packed standard or according to customer’s request. Ensure food safety and hygiene, suitable cold storage to keep the freshness and deliciousness of the product without using chemicals or food additives.

Cavendish Banana Nutritional Value:

Powdered sugar (27.7g), Protein (1.1g), Water (74.1g), Vitamin C (9 mg), B1 (0.03 mg), B2 (0.04 mg), Carotene (359 Units), Calcium (11 mg), Magnesium (42 mg), Potassium (279 mg), Iron (0.56mong), 8.6% Fructos, 4.7% Glucos, 13.7% Sacaros.

Benefits of bananas:

Potassium-rich banana helps prevent high blood pressure and stroke

Potassium also possesses the function of muscle growth, increasing the ability of nerve cells to function. It keeps the heart beating regularly and reduces the effect of sodium on blood pressure

Bananas contain vitamin C, an essential antioxidant that protects the body from free radicals and helps prevent inflammation.

Bananas contain vitamins C and A that help brighten the skin. They also contain essential nutrients like vitamin E and lutein, both of which are good for the eyes.

Improve training efficiency

Helps keep your mind and body healthy and excited

Morphological characteristics

The old South American banana variety has the scientific name of Cavendish Banana. The tree is native to South America. Standard plants from 4-6 leaves,

Yield is from 30-40kg/tree and can be up to 50kg when harvested.

The height of the tree is over 3m, each chamber has more than 10 bunches, the skin is smooth, the flesh is solid, the taste is sweet. Time for fast fruiting only after about 12 months of planting. In particular, the tissue cultured South American banana variety has the advantage of high disease resistance and rapid growth.


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