Coco Charcoal for BBQ


Happy BBQ parties with many yummy and eye-catchy recipes won’t start perfectly without a material, which is not attractive but very important. That’s “BBQ coconut charcoal”

The BBQ coconut charcoal is from 100% well burned coconut shells, following up by the safe manufacturing procedure.

Advantages Of Charcoal:

  • No smoke
  • No odor
  • Less dust
  • High thermal energy
  • Easy to use
  • Matched the quality inspection examination and safe for users as well as friendly with the environment.
  • The exhaust gas emitted to the environment satisfies the permitted National standards.

Manufacturing Procedure:

The collected coconut shells are burned completely until they’re totally black. After that, the charcoal flakes are powdered and compressed into required shapes such as pillow shape or hexagon.

The BBQ coconut charcoal is packed to suit both domestic and international standards or by requests of customers.


  • Burning time: 2-3 hours
  • Moisture: 5% max
  • Ash: according to the customers’ requirements
  • Fixed carbon rate: up to 85% or by customers’ requirements
  • Thermal energy: by customers’ requirements.

Usages Instructions:

Put the charcoal around the kindling in the fire tray or stove for 2-3 mins until the charcoals get burned, then they can be used for cooking or BBQ.

Self-life: 12 months since the manufacturing date.



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