Coconut shell bowl

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General Information:

Coconut is a versatile tree. Every part of the coconut tree can be used to create many useful things for human life. Bowl, which is made from coconut shell, is friendly to the environment, easy to use and multi-function such as home décor or use perfectly for anything from salad to smoothie bowl.

Bowls are made from coconut shells, have the natural shape and color of the coconut shells. After harvest coconut, the artist splits the coconut shell, take the coconut meat out of the shell. After that, the artist sands the outer part of the bowl. Finally, the bowl is polished both outer and inner part of it. The color of the bowls is the natural color of the coconut shell, so each bowl has it unique shape and color. There are no two bowls with the same color and pattern. The coconut shell bowls are durable, so it’s not easy to be broken or crack, if dropped.






Bowl Diameter 12-14 cm


Bowl Height

5.5-6.5 cm

03 Color

The natural color of the shell



Keep away from the direct sun light and high heat because the product can be deformed or decolored


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