Dry chili in bulk cargo

  • Shipping terms: FOB, CNF, Door to Door (for small quantity only)
  • Payment terms: T/T 30/70 (30% in advance and 70% after receive scanned documents via email), L/C 100% irrevocable
  • Min of order: 4500 kilograms
  • Sample: available with freight collect
  • Delivery time: 15 days since the deposit (the time is subject to change to due to Covid-19)


Dry chili is the most popular spice in most dishes around Asia. Dry chili whole fruits are still red, spicy and hot. Chili increases the appetite and enhances the flavor of the dishes. When chilies are ripe, growers harvest them and then quickly deliver to the manufacturing factory for processing.

Fresh chilies can’t stay long in the common storing condition. Therefore, people dry chilies under the sun or in the heater, so they can keep chilies for longer time with the quality almost the same as fresh chilies. Our dry chili products are matching to the international exporting standards. We are exporting bulk chilies to Thailand, India and other South-east countries with the great offers.


Manufacturing process:

Fresh chilies after harvest will be moved to the factory for selection. The chili fruits, which are too soft, spoiled, and having strange order, will be thrown out. Only fresh and good quality chilies are used for making dry chilies. We wash chilies and then boil these fruits in hot water to sterilize the fruit from bacteria. To ensure the food hygiene and safety, the workers are carefully move the boiled chilies to the heaters. Our heater capacity is for 100 kgs of fresh chilies. Firstly, the temperature is about 75 – 85 degree Celsius and maintained for one hour. After that, they decrease the temperature to 65 degree and dry for 24 hours until the chilies’ moisture reach 13.5%. We let the chilies cool down to normal temperature.

dry-chili-for-export dry-chili-for-export dry-chili-for-export


We usually pack dry chillies in 20-25 kgs net PP/PE bags with HDPE inner lining to prevent moisture absorb. We can also pack the product as customer’s request.

dry-chili-for-export dry-chili-for-export

Specification of Dry Chili:

  • Appearance: red dry chilies with stem and without stem (depending on customer’s requests), with no foreign matter and odor
  • Moisture: 13.5% max
  • Taste: hot and spicy
  • SO2: nil
  • CO2: nil

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