Joss Powder

  • Size: 18 MTs/ cont 20
  • Packing: 50kgs/bag
  • Loading: 18 MTs/ cont 20, 28MTs/ cont 40



Joss Powder or Jigat Powder is obtained by grinding the Bark of the tree Litsea Glutinosa.

Production and Distribution Areas:

In particular, Vietnam central highlands of Gia lai is known as the largest material resource and main production area of Joss powder for both home and export incense production. Therefore, The best quality and viscosity glue bark powder is associate with Joss powder Gia lai brand. Besides, some neighboring production area such as : KonTum, Binh Dinh with lower quantity and quality.

Type of Binding Powder: 

As mentioned, Joss powder is made entirely from Litsea tree. So, depending on percentage of bark and leave. There are several commonly used powder such as: Joss powder 36 cup, Joss powder 12 cup, Joss powder 18 cup. The key is customer’s requirements, we can adjust the production according to customer requirements, Customer’s specific formulas or specific types of incense, in order to ensure stability and bring the best quality output products. Product quality (measured in Cups) is reflected in the Strength of the Joss Powder.

Joss Powder is dark brown in color and is mixed with Wood Powder or Charcoal Powder in suitable proportion to make Mosquito Coils, Hand rolled incense sticks and Dhoop. Using 20 cups Joss Powder should result in 10% saving in raw materials as compared with using 18 Cups Joss Powder  (ie Charcoal Powder, White Chips Powder, Sandalwood Powder and Wood Herbs). In the absence of any agreed specifications as well as testing equipment, most Agarbatti makers test by lab-scale dough & Agarbatti preparation and / or tracking raw material consumption over a period of time. Hence buyers depend upon reliable & proven suppliers who ensure delivery of the agreed quality and also ensure that the suppliers take responsibility in case of any quality issues.



  • Color: Light brown (White Joss) / Red brown (Red Joss)
  • Moisture: 13% Max
  • Raw Material: Cortex of Litsea Glutinosa tree/ No Chemicals
  • Density ( g/ml ): 0.41-0.67
  • Mesh Size 80 (%):Min 90%
  • Viscosity: 8-36 cups


PHU HAI MINH CO., LTD is developed from New Century Co., – the leading supplier of Raw Incense Sticks and Raw Materials. We keep supplying Joss Powder with large quantity and enhanced quality to a lot of Incense and Mosquito Coil customers all over the world, especially in India, Pakistan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Nepal, etc… All of our customers are satisfied with our product quality and service as well. We hope so much to have opportunity continue serving you with our product.


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