Nata De Coco

  • Validity: 12 months from the manufacturing date
  • Packing: as requested by the customers. 15 MTs/FCL 20 feet with or without pallet
  • MOQ: 01 ton.
  • Shipping Terms: ex-work, FOB, CIF, CNF
  • Payment Terms: TT, DP, LC
  • Shipping Time: 7-10 days since the contract date


General Information:

Jelly nata de coco is one of the most favorite dish in summer elected by both young and old people. Nata de coco was first found in Philippine, which was proceeded from fresh coconut water and then fermented under effects of Acetobacter xylinum bacteria. The final product is transparent coconut jelly cubes with the natural sweetness of fresh coconut. To increase the sweetness of the nata de coco, manufacturers usually add more sugar to the recipe.

Nata de coco is proceeded by a fermentation process that perfectly suitable for export as all the standards are surpassed the requirements of the Vietnamese Ministry of Medicine. Our nata de coco doesn’t contain any bleach agent or food additives.

Nata de coco is white and almost transparent, usually cut into small 1-cm cubes. It is usually used in refreshment, desserts, mixed with cocktails, beverages and sweet.


Nutritional Facts:

Nata de coco contains a lot of fiber, less fat and cholesterol. Because nata de coco is made of coconut water added sugar, so it has a lot of energy that is suitable for provide energy during work shift.


Specification Results
1 Nata de coco



Citric acid 0.1%
3 Sugar



Water 4.9%




6 pH



Storage Conditions:

  • Keep in dry place at the optimal temperature from 25 – 30 degree Celsius
  • Keep product in the fridge after open the package
  • Don’t put the product under direct sun light.


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