Rice Powder Straw

  • Certificate of Analysis: accredited as the Standard of Safety and Food Hygience by the Vietnamese Ministry of Medicine
  • Certificate of Origin: VCCI form and FTA form
  • Capacity: 10 x FCL 40 feet
  • MOQ: 1-2 pallets
  • Payment terms: TT, LC irrevocable, DP
  • Shipping terms: ex-work, FOB, CNF, CIF or by negotiated


General Information: 

Rice powder straw is made from 100% natural materials such as modified rice starch, and food colors extracted from turmeric powder (yellow), beet root (red), spinach (green), carrot (orange), rice (natural white of rice powder), black sesame (black), butterfly pea (blue).

Rice powder straw is safe, natural and friendly to the environment, and it can last for 4 -10 hours in cold drinks and for 2-3 hours in warm drinks. Limit to use the rice powder straw in hot drink!



Straw Dimensions



Bubble tea 12 mm x 220 mm x 1 mm (wall thickness) 90 straws/kg
02 Smoothie 8 mm x 220 mm x 1 mm (wall thickness)

170 straws /kg


Coffee 6.5 mm x 220 mm x 1 mm

(wall thickness)

200 straws /kg
04 Cocktail 5.5 mm x 220 mm x 1mm

(wall thickness)

470 straws /kg

Packing for transportation: carton boxes with pallet

Validity: 18 months since the manufactured date

Storage: keep in dried and well ventilated place, away from the direct sunlight and high heat or high moisture.


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