Soft Dehydrated Mango

Self-life: 12 months since the manufactured date, finish all within three days if opened.

Using: eat directly, no need to cook again.


  • Avoid direct sunlight
  • Close tightly the products after use

Packing: Vietnamese standards with withstand the sea transportation and/or air freight.

Certificate: as standards of the manufacturers

Payment terms: TT, LC, DP

Shipping terms: exwork, FOB, CNF


Ripe mangoes, which have thick meat, aromatic and sweet, are harvested and proceeded according to the food hygiene and safety standards. Soft mango slices are vacuum dried at the temperature of 50 – 65 degree Celsius, so the final products are soft, mild sour and sweet, natural yellow, no food additives and non-fibrous.

Soft dried mango is rich of vitamins and minerals, well supporting to collagen producing in skin, making skin healthy and shining. Moreover, anti-oxygen agents of Zeaxanthin and Lutein are protecting skin from UV affects, reducing damages from sunlight. Mango is good for eyes, stimulating brain activities and memory. Because it contains a lot of minerals and vitamins, it is good for pregnant women and feeding moms. Fiber in mango is good for digestive system.

Soft dehydrated mango is suitable for picnic or can be replaced for jams and candies during Tet and holidays.

The products are diverse in models, styles, types and flavors, which are suitable for exporting to Korea, Japan, China and Holland.

Nutritional Facts:


Standards Results
1 Color

Natural yellow


Taste Sour and sweet
3 Appearance



Moisture 18% max
5 Added sugar



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