Split Cinnamon High Quality Spice from Yen Bai, Vietnam

  • Shipping term: FOB, CNF (incoterm 2010)
  • Payment term: T/T, L/C
  • Sample: available with freight collect
  • Port of loading: Haiphong port
  • MOQ: a 20-foot container


Typically, Vietnam cinnamon is an evergreen tree belong to Cinnamomum cassia blume family. Usually, we can see it in Southern China and in South East Asian countries. The tree is about 7-10 meters high when mature. Cinnamon is very versatile. The whole tree can be used for different purposes. For example, bark is the main part. It contains high level of essential oil, minerals and vitamins. The leaves is for extracting essential oil. The wood is for making toothpicks, furniture and so on.

Cinnamon bark is reddish brown. It’s sweet mild spicy, slightly hot and has nice aroma. People use cassia for food, beverage, medicine and cosmetic.

The most important ingredient in cassia cinnamon is the volatile essential oil. The higher content of essential oil, the higher value of cassia cinnamon. It’s usually around 2.0 to 4.5%, and up to 6.0%. People base on the essential oil in the cassia bark to categorize the spice. When cinnamon trees are about 3-5 years old, growers choose the big and healthy trees to chop down for harvesting the bark. They cut down the tree trunk from 50 cm above the soil surface. The bottom will grow again to a new tree, then grower can harvest after another three years.

Normally, Vietnamese cinnamon is popular in the highland of the Northern of Vietnam such as Cao Bang, Yen Bai, Quang Ninh, Thanh Hoa, Nghe An and Thai Nguyen provinces.

Applications of Vietnam split cinnamon: 

  • Spice for many dishes to remove the stinky smell of meat, increases the flavor of food; Also prevent the development of bacteria in food, which preserves the food for such a long time.
  • Cinnamon leaves, bark and roots can be used for extracting essential oil
  • Moreover, this spice contains high concentration of anti-oxidants and also able to controls glucose level in the blood, a good pain killer, stimulator for digestive system and resistant to infection.

Specification of Vietnam split cinnamon: 

Oil content
2.0 – 4.0% min
13 – 13.5% max
2% max
Natural, no mold and fungal infection
Taste and Odor
Sweet spicy and gentle aroma

Packing of Vietnam split cinnamon: 

  • Packing 20-25 kg net per carton
  • Loading 6.5 MTs/20FCL and 15 MTs/40HC


Storage conditions: 

  • Put in dry place and avoid high moisture
  • To keep cinnamon away from spoiled by bacteria, fungi and moist, put cinnamon into enclosed cartons or nylon bags with some moisture absorbers inside the bags.
  • Cinnamon looses its oil and/or reduce its quality, if broken.
  • Keep away from direct sunlight.
  • Cinnamon makes metal erode gradually, so don’t put cinnamon into metal tanks, keep them in paper boxes/plastic bags.

Contact us for more detail and get the brief quotation for this product.

Aimex Co., LTD is cooperating with a manufacturing factory, locates closed to the main source of cinnamon raw material and near to Haiphong Port. So, we can make cinnamon in large quality with cheaper operation cost. Every week, we can make a 50 MTs of split cinnamon per month. Contact us for more detail and get the earliest quotation for this product.


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