The best wooden cutting board

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One of the most important item in the kitchen that every chef needs is the wooden cutting board. Your fancy kitchen will not be perfect without a stable and secure cutting board. A good cutting board has to stay in place while cutting, no stain and be heavy enough for stable cutting food.

Our wooden cutting board is made from teak and ash wood. First of all, these two types of wood are heavy and stable. Teak and ash are hard and heavy, so we can chop meat and bone with easy. Secondly, these wood is moisture resistance. Therefore, the juice residue from fruits, vegetable or meat won’t make the wood stained or molded during using after a long time. Our products are polished with oil to fortify the moisture resistance of the products. We are also producing cutting boards without oil polishing. As a result, it is easy for you to care for and work with the great surface. Enjoy your cutting meat and slicing with ease.

Moreover, our product has convertible side, so you can work on the both sides of the cutting board to prevent cross contamination of meat and vegetables. Plus, they have special shapes such as fish and bird beside the traditional shapes such as round, square and rectangle. They are themselves the spotlight for your beautiful kitchen or a great background for food display.

Everything you should know about our products:

  • Material: Teak and ash wood
  • Size: 19.5W x 42.5L x 2.0 T cm (fish) and 18W x 36L x 2.0T cm (bird) or as customer’s request.
  • Feature: oil polish and non oil polished surface

Storing and Maintenance:

  • Keep in dry and cool place
  • Clean it up after using
  • Use oil or bee wax to polish the board surface for long-term use
  • Expiry date: until you’re bored using it.

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    пръстени ценаобеци-капки магазинтениски с доставкакалъф за таблети и електронни книги евтиниключове цена тениски

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      Hi, thanks so much for your comments. Could you please write it in English? thanks so much!

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