Wood pellets

Packing: According to the customer’s request
Payment method: TT, LC, DP
Shipping method: ex-word, FOB, CNF, CIF
Delivery time: 7-10 days after signing the contract
Supply Ability: 500 MTs/month


The depletion of fossil fuel resources along with the increasing awareness of environmental protection of people. The demand for wood pellets is increasing day by day. Sawdust pellets are a kind of biomass fuel with high calorific value, and a stable energy source for boilers, significantly reducing emissions into the environment.

Using sawdust pellets brings many benefits to the community and society:

The cost is much cheaper than fossil fuels (gasoline, oil, gas, …)
Making use of waste resources in the forestry and agricultural industries
High heat
Easy to transport because the sawdust has been compacted into small pellets
Reduce emissions to the environment
Utilize the source of ash after burning sawdust as a clean fertilizer.

Technical standards:

No Standards



Diameter 6-8 mm
2 Length

10-40 mm


Humidity 10% max
4 Ash rate

3% max



4.500 – 4.800 kcal/kg


Sawdust pellets are smooth, glossy, without cracks
Has the scent of wood


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