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Nata de Coco – a New Trending Topping for Beverage in Japan

Nata de coco is a jello made of coconut water. It’s crunchy, not too soft, nice coconut aroma, and sweet. Philippine created the first nata de coco by an accident of letting coconut water contact with Acetobacter xylinum. Then, as a result, they got a great new recipe for According to the nutritionist’s research in Vietnam, 100 gram of nata de coco contain about 92 calories, 1 gram of protein, zero gram of lipid and 15 gram of carbohydrate. Therefore, it’s good for people in diet.

Nata de coco is a one of the favorite refreshment for everyone. People can eat directly and no need to cook. Moreover, nata de coco is a great topping for many beverages such as milk tea, iced cream, sweets and yogurt to increase the flavor.

Is Eating Nata de Coco Increase Weight?

According to the nutritionist’s research, each 100 gram of nata de coco contains 92 calories. While a person needs 2000 calories to have enough energy to do their daily activities. Besides low calories, nata de coco is rich of fiber and carbohydrate, which makes people feel full and eat less. As a result, it’s good for people in diet.

Potential Product for Exporting

Nata de coco has many benefits to the human health. Because of high level of carbohydrate and good fiber it supports for the digestive system, burns fat and reduces bad cholesterol in blood, prevents Alzheimer. It’s a potential product for exporting.

Aimex Co., LTD has been exporting many shipments of nata de coco to Japan since 2020. Because of the special taste and nice coconut aroma, right now it becomes a trending topping in Japan.

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